Remembering Dr. King’s Legacy of Service

This week, we celebrated the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. King told an audience in Montgomery, Alabama, in 1957 that “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?'” At Brimmer, in all three divisions, community service is emphasized and is an integral part of the student experience.

The Middle and Upper Schools are currently participating in a drive for Pennies for Patients, organized by the Community Service Club. This program helps raise money to fund research for therapies that save the lives of people suffering from blood cancers. There is a box in each homeroom to collect change, and the winning grade will receive a pizza party sponsored by Upper School Head, Mr. Neudel, and me.

In the spring, the 8th grade will once again organize a drive for Birthday Wishes. This organization, based in Newton, organizes birthday parties for children experiencing homelessness. This will be the fourth year the 8th grade has sponsored this drive.

Finally, the Middle School is partnering with the Greater Boston Food Bank this year for our main community service initiative. Every student in the Middle School will spend a day at the Food Bank, helping them fulfill their mission to end hunger in Eastern Massachusetts. I am very excited about this work, and I would like to thank Mr. Van Atta, the 6th grade Dean, for overseeing this effort. Our first trip to the Bank will take place on Monday, January 22, and we are thrilled to get started.

During the sometimes challenging middle school years, emphasizing the importance of giving to others is vital. We hope that, even in a small way, the community service initiatives at our School will send out ripples of kindness that will extend far beyond the Brimmer community.

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