An Interdisciplinary Exploration of Africa in Grade 6

At Brimmer, an interdisciplinary, global approach to learning is a staple of the Middle School and part of the School’s mission of developing “lifelong learners who are informed, engaged, and ethical citizens and leaders in our diverse world.” This fall, the students in grade 6 are exploring Africa through the lens of several different disciplines.

In History 6, students are examining Africa both in the past and today. After an exploration of Africa’s geography, students explored the beginnings of African civilizations, including the empire of Ghana. Students are now being tasked with selecting a country on the continent and creating a travel brochure for that country. In Science, students will be exploring the wildlife that exists in their country and choosing one animal to research. They will then create a detailed fact sheet about the species. This work in History and Science will be presented at an exhibition on Friday, October 19 at 9:15a.m. in the Innovation Space.

Students are also exploring Africa in all of their Creative Arts classes. In Art, they will be exploring African tribal masks, and each student will construct a unique mask. The project will examine the historical and regional iconography of the mask, and the students will use this information to help construct their interpretation through collage. In Music, students will be learning West African percussion and Kpelle call and response songs. Finally, in Drama, students will be reading several Anansi stories as they explore story structure. Then, through improv and collaborative creation, the class will work in small groups to write adaptations of a story.

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